Comprehensive Planning

Being successful at anything involves organization and planning. Achieving your financial goals is no different. That’s why our team has developed a comprehensive approach to creating plans that are customized to your needs. Our team’s strength relies on its organizational abilities, open communication channels, commitment to accountability and use of technology to efficiently implement sophisticated financial solutions.


Our detailed planning process means that…

We strive to provide consistent, exceptional service

You’ll enjoy a process that is designed to provide the personal attention you deserve. We spend the time needed to help solve your complex challenges. Automated workflows and systems help ensure that every aspect of your plan is adjusted when needed.


No stone is left unturned

We notice the little things. Our attention to detail and diverse set of skills allows us to take on complex financial challenges. State-of-the-art technology and sophisticated analysis is employed to help detect potential issues and solve them with advanced strategies.


You’ll know where you stand every step of the way

Our educational approach and straight-forward communication style means that even the most complicated financial concepts should be easily understood.

Integrated solutions for complex needs  AAA SW Comprehensive Planning Pieces-01.png

Comprehensive planning is a holistic strategy we employ to help organize and simplify your financial life. We consider every piece of your financial puzzle—investments, retirement planning, risk management and insurance planning, estate planning strategies and business services and more.

This approach requires close collaboration with you and your other professional advisors so we can develop the best strategies to pursue your goals. If needed, we draw on specialists from our network to help implement the highly-customized solutions you need to address all aspects of your situation.


Planning Process

Step 1. Getting to know you

During our initial meeting, we listen as you explain about your values, goals and financial challenges. Through our conversations, we uncover the details of your life and listen carefully to understand how you’d like your assets to work for, and empower, your life goals.

Step 2. Analyzing your financial picture

Before we can develop your plan, we need to know more details about your circumstances. We will gather statements and data about your financial situation. Our deep analytical approach and comprehensive evaluation includes understanding your risk tolerance, priorities, retirement goals, estate investment planning needs, risk management and insurance needs.


Step 3. Recommending your customized plan

Our next step is to present our recommendations. Combining our quantitative analysis with our qualitative planning expertise, we provide you with an assessment how specific investment strategies can be employed to help pursue your prioritized goals. As we implement the plan, we document your goals and begin to help review your progress toward reaching them.

Step 4. Reviewing your process

We chart your progress and meet with you to review and adjust your plan so its stays up to date and in sync with your changing life.



"We start with your life and plan your money around it.”

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