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The art of implementing a plan that works for you includes using tools that empower you during the most difficult times. Most plans need to with-stand decades and be flexible enough to be adjusted along the way. Read More

December 2023

Time has flown by since my last “From the desk of” in July.  I wanted to reach out with some quick thoughts, and a sincere wish that you are well.

It seems that in that short time since I have written, a whole decade worth of events has happened.  The significance of these events in the world and how we receive (and react to) the information, continues to create a feeling of insecurity.  Our group has seen this in almost all of the meetings that we have done this year.  I think it is fair to say that most people feel uncomfortable about what is happening and where we may be going. Read More

July 2023

I hope this communication finds you well and enjoying some time during the summer months to relax.

Over the last number of months, since the last “From the desk of” I have sat down many times to set pen to paper and share thoughts, only to stop from a complete communication and store my notes for another day.  I always promised not to use the platform to simply put out random thoughts, but rather to supplement our individual meetings, most particularly during times of stress.  Having said that, I also know in absence of information, we all tend to fill in the blanks with our own context. Read More

November 2022

We have been giving much thought when preparing portfolios and plans for the potential of a slowing economy.
In addition to the data our team pours over and some of the technical content we delivered recently, I have been thinking about a tagline that was part of a commercial years ago and a book that I like to think of as required reading. The main tagline from the commercial (running during the last recession) said, “Is this the Great Recession, or the Recession that makes us great?” The book is “Who Moved my Cheese.” I’m sure you can find them both on the internet, and I would be happy to mail the book to anyone who requests one after reading this note. Read More